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Question for O’Leary Fund Management on 2012 AUM figure part 2

For those of you who were interested in the offical response to my O’Leary Fund Management post from yesterday (see “Question for O’Leary Fund Management on 2012 AUM figure” Jan. 24-13), I have no news to report yet other than they’ve acknowledged my question and have undertaken to “provide our comments shortly.” Which means they will provide their comments shortly, or issue a targeted press release to their IAs outlining the firm’s current assets under management. The release would give them the chance to provide their own spin in an effort to manage the issue — should there actually be an issue to manage, that is.

Time will tell.

To help them with their work, I sent along an excel sheet outlining what appears to be the sum total of the firms’ reported assets under management as of December 31, 2012, as taken from the O’Leary website.

Will keep you posted.

(disclosure – this post, like all blogs, is an Opinion Piece)

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