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Mark McQueen co-hosts BNN

For those of you who missed it today at 2pm, Mark McQueen was back as a regular guest co-host on the Business News Network’s “Business Day” with Kim Parlee. They discussed the perspective on the importance of routing and exporting Canadian oil after the Keystone XL delay.  They also gained insight into Potashcorp’s Q4 earnings with Bill Doyle, CEO, Potash Corp of Saskatchewan.  The first segment can be found here.


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  1. Brian5000

    Yes I saw the show but unfortunately he lowered his voice or didn’t clearly state the type of trusts he was referring to that had large ROC returns. Also no info on them or that of Tax Advantaged, fixed income or equity Funds/ETF’s.

  2. Hi Brian

    Thanks for stopping by. Our firm hasn’t launched any of these fund vehicles. I was simply referring to the various funds that utilize the ROC system to delay the taxation of interest and dividends that are earned by these investment vehicles.


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