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Raptors using Twitter as Big Brother?

Published on April 21, 2009 by in General

Here I was straining for a topic today, and lo-and-behold, one landed in my lap. No sooner had I done a Tweet about yesterday’s season ending press conference by Toronto Raptors General Manager Bryan Colangelo, I had a new follower: the Raptors themselves. At 5 am.

Raptors GM Colagnelo says he wants to find a player with “toughness”. Wasn’t that why he acquired Jermaine O’Neal?

I am used to the automatic “you follow us, we’ll follow you” of National Public Radio and 10 Downing Street, but this was different. I did a Tweet about a Raptors topic, and within minutes they were on my tail.


What’s more interesting may well be the fact that Mr. Colangelo is calling season ticket holders personally if they haven’t yet renewed their season ticket subscriptions. The deadline is April 30th, so things are getting close. I love to hear that he’s that involved in the off-court part of the business.

But Twitter as Big Brother? It’s a great way to get feedback from the fan base I suppose. Speaking of feedback, Wellington Financial’s petition to get TSN 2 on Rogers Cable is starting to pick up steam, thanks to some marketing by our man Tom L.

If Mr. Colangelo has any influence with Edward Rogers, we’d appreciate some help. Only six months to go ’till the pre-season games begin.


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