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Warren Buffett needs to update his golf handicap

Published on February 27, 2009 by in Golf

I’ve been thinking about golf of late. Warm weather (albeit temporary) in Toronto will do that. My handicap went up last year, which is not easy to do — had my hands full on many fronts. Dealing with the ravages of the recession on the economy and the portfolio, raising more capital for our fund, family, fundraising for a couple of charities, the TPA, etc.

Which begs the question: was Warren Buffett playing golf last year? Apparently not. According to the U.S. Golf Association, Mr. Buffett hasn’t entered a single score into the computer at the Omaha Country Club since April 2003. If he plays anywhere else on the continent, our favourite investor is supposed to enter the score. With a low score of 83, and a high score of 115, each entry will matter.

I’m thinking that it’s unlikely that he hasn’t played golf during the past 6 years; how could anyone who is a member of Augusta keep their clubs on ice for that long? Warren! Update your 21 index.


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