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Here’s a post to read that Valleywag picked up:

10. We’re all on the same side here.
9. A lower Series A valuation is good for you too.
8. We’re not funding XXXX companies anymore.
7. I liked it. Really. But we just don’t have the bandwidth right now.
6. We don’t do deals we can’t drive to.
5. Come back when you have a lead investor.
4. Absolutely, we know top people at Google and Yahoo well.
3. Absolutely, we know people at Sequoia and KP well.
2. We love your CEO.
1. I liked it, but I couldn’t get it past my asshole partners.

This list may remind you of the post we’ve linked to for some time, that my colleague Jason came across last year. Guy Kawasaki wrote the original post in January 2006 while sitting at a Starbucks in Hawaii. Techblawg posted on it in January 2007. If the Valleywag post is accurate, Kedrosky has come up with some “lies” that are, err, shall we say, well versed:

Here are the highlights from the original Garage Technology Ventures piece:

#2. “I liked your company but my partners didn’t.” Does it cound like Paul’s #1?

#3. “If you get a lead, we’ll follow.” Does it sound like Paul’s #5?

#6. “We’re investing in your team.” Does it sound like, in essence, Paul’s #2?

#9. “We can open the doors for you at major companies.” Does it sound like Paul’s #3 and #4?


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  1. Maybe the opposite is true – Paul doesn’t read blogs (at least not Kawasaki’s); otherwise, why bother with similar Top 10 list.

    In any event, these “lies” have been told by VCs for ages. A top 100 list anyone?

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